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Present at Mumbai, Nagpur and Patna

Post Production Setup

Specialises in post production facilities providing you with the possibility to edit on FCPX and Adobe Premiere Pro depending on your editor’s preference.
We also have in house editor.

Dubbing & Recording

Provides the opportunity to dub voices for your short/feature films or record voices / music for your album/songs. We have an in-house sound recordist.  


Rents out the Blackmagic Production Package. It includes the camera(Blackmagic Production 4K Camera), lenses (Samyang Series), Accessories (rigs, batteries etc.) and DiT for your feature film shoots. A lot of Hollywood projects are shot on Blackmagic.

Color & DI

Color grading or DI has becomevan essential part of the digital filmmaking. We have an in-house color grader to refine your images and separate you from the crowd. 

Costume Styling

Specialize in costume styling and providing special customised dresses for your film shoots.

Sai More Baba

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Recording and Dubbing


Bijli Rani


Our Awesome Team

Sadhana Singh


She has produced 2 feature films and has experience of over 6 years in the Film Industry and Costume Styling

Aranya Raj Singh

Cinematographer, Color Grader

He is studied at EICAR, Paris and currently based in Mumbai and Patna and is working as a freelance filmmaker

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